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Our Process

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    The initial step in our process involves converting your ideas into reality by assessing and gathering every detail. We work closely with you to understand your requirements and create essential documents such as wireframes, Statements of Work (SOW), and Software Requirement Specifications (SRS) to set the project in motion.

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    Following the latest trends, we focus on creating a user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) that will attract your target audience and effectively represent your business. Our design team combines aesthetics with functionality to deliver a visually appealing and intuitive design that aligns with your brand identity

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    Our development process is tailored to meet your specific requirements. We follow a comprehensive approach that incorporates various development methodologies to provide the best solution. Whether it's agile, waterfall, or another approach, we ensure that the development aligns with your project goals and delivers a high-quality outcome.

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    Quality Assurance

    We prioritize quality and strive for excellence in our services. To ensure that we are on the right track, we conduct thorough testing throughout the development process. This includes regression testing and unit testing to validate the functionality and performance of the project. We are committed to delivering reliable and efficient web solutions without compromising on quality.

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    Your product is now ready for delivery. After meticulous scrutiny and a comprehensive development process, we ensure that everything is up and running smoothly. We take pride in our work and guarantee a successful and timely delivery that will meet and exceed your expectations.

Meet our team

Codesphere is built by a growing team passionate about building the future of cloud services. Think you might be a great fit? We're hiring.

Elias Groll

CEO & Co-Founder

Jonas Zipprick

COO & Co-Founder

Roman Frolov

Engineering Manager & Co-Founder

Michal Gornisiewicz

Chief Architect

Tim Schrodi

Chief Infrastructure Architect

Peter Bissinger

VP Operations

Alex Klein

Software Engineer

Katharina Riesterer

Software Engineer

Nathanael Ruf

Software Engineer

Tobias Ohlsson

Software Engineer

Jay Byeun

Software Engineer

Jona Neef

Software Engineer

Timo Bräutigam

Product Manager

Simon Pfeiffer

Product Manager

Felix Hesselbrock

Finance & Org

Our Investors

We are happy to be backed by incredible people.

Ben Uretzky

Co-Founder of Digital Ocean

Florian Leibert

Founder of Mesosphere

Mirko Novakovic

CEO of Instana

Alex Kudlich

Ex-Mngt. Board of Rocket Internet

Dion Almaer

VP of Engineering at Shopify

Nils Seele

Principal at LEA Partners GmbH

Moritz Zimmermann

Partner at 42CAP

Mario Götze

Professional Football Player

Saagar Bhavsar

Investor at Begin Capital

Joël Van Dijk

Principal at Begin Capital

Auke van Urk

Investor & Ex-CTO at Valtech

Ahmad Butt

CEO at Jetstone Asset Management

Nicolas A. Duerr

Co-Founder at Futurebrains

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